The Website development Manifesto and the Guiding Principles

The developer manifesto is a simple approach that gives a competitive advantage to customers and power to a scrum team to develop a working and valuable software through this guide. The goal of the developers is to bring together development with the business needs. Below is this guide principles that are based on agile manifesto.

The first principle from this guide and website manifesto is to satisfy customers by ensuring that delivery of customer value is early and continuous. Customers are more satisfied when they get the working software early rather than having to wait for long periods before it is released.

The second principle from this guideis to accept changing requirements through the whole development process. It is not late for customers to make the changes in the requirement cycle and the scrum team enhance the competitive advantage of the customer.

The software should be delivered frequently in line to this guide. The delivery should be done with a period of few weeks to few months with preference to shorter time scale. The sooner the software is delivered, the faster you will get the feedback and this will help you identify any miscommunication with the customer. As a result, you will be able to resolve the issue in time and avoid wastage.

Developers and business people should work together through the project to develop valuable software. This is because they both aim to come up with valuable software. This collaboration also helps to come up with better decisions.

The projects should be created around teams that are motivated and able to manage themselves. To motivate them, provide the right environment and support and believe that they will deliver the best in their job. Motivated individuals and teams tend to give their best than unhappy teams.

The most effective way of passing information between development teams is face-to-face. This is especially successful when the development teams are co-located. If the teams are not co-located, a lot of effort is needed to communicate.

Working software is an ultimate measure to progress. This way, it becomes the main focus of the project. When a lot of focus is put on the plan, the object of the project is forgotten.

The processes lead to consistent development pace. The team that includes sponsors, developers and users ascertain the right development pace in which they can deliver the working software.

Continuous attention should be maintained too with regards to great design and technical skills to improve agility. As a result, the product is improved, change sustained and pace maintained.

Keep it simple and maximize on work not done. Since a lot of functionalities that are built are seldom used, agile calls for cutting such functionalities.

Self organizing teams are very handy in coming up with the best designs, architectures, and requirements. Organized teams are better placed to deliver quality products and identify issues before they become real obstacles.

Lastly, regular reflections for team members on how to become effective. This involves self-improvement, advancing skills and process improvements that can help the team members to become effective.